Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cracking 'Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder' Certification

Recently I took "Cracking 'Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder' Certification" exam and cracked the exam with 82% score. For more details of this examination you can go to

After appearing in this examination, I found some below points that may help you.

  1. Please go through all admin settings and applicable configuration related to all Drupal components like views, content types, users roles, permissions, etc. (Above menu) 
  2. Most of question was related to only Drupal core. In contributed modules, I found "views" related questions.
  3. If you have 2-3 year Drupal experience with "Awareness" during creating Drupal components, then it is not a hard nut to crack.
  4. On exam's blue print page, please go through in depth with test format content. Ex. Given a scenario, determine how.......
  5. To take this exam, I shall prefer to go to nearby exam centre in place of  your personal laptop/computer at home.
  6. Before to start exam, please make time plan (time per question) and reserve 10-20 minutes to review the skipped or doubtful answers.
  7. You can mark "Review later" any question and if you click "Review all" button, then you will see these question with star (*) mark.
  8. Please mark any question "Review later" in that case only if you think any possibility to revise the answer, otherwise in last you will face a big number of question to be reviewed.
  9. There is no question related to programming. 
  10. Please reach your exam centre at least 30 minutes before to time. If everything is Ok then they will allow to start the exam before to time itself. 

If I am able to remind some more information, will append in future. Best of luck and Thanks to read.